bridal walk teaser

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i hate the term “teaser” because it sounds like i’m telling you the whole shabang is SO GOOD that this glimpse of it will “tease” you into wanting to see the rest of it. but. it’s the only term that works.

so i’m giving a “teaser” because i still have a LOT of blog-catching-up to do before i’m posting regularly and up-to-date! three more weddings to post, before i post all my favorites from today – which was an AMAZING day! meeting with a group of other photographers to photograph three models in bridal gowns in various gorgeous locations in frederick, md., on a bright, crisp autumn day… but i really, really do want to get my site up and running before i settle into a blogging rhythm.

so, for now, here’s one of my favorite shots from early on in the day – model ashley, and this is at the frederick MARC station!


shenandoah day trip

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my husband and i have taken several day/weekend trips to shenandoah national park in virginia ever since we got married five years ago; last weekend we decided to take our son and our niece to the park, to enjoy the views and weather before it gets too cold for kids. we had a wonderful time – gorgeous weather and sunlight, not too many people, touches of color here and there, and of course, caterpillars, leaves and imaginary dog-monsters in the sundappled woods… here are a few of my favorites from the day!

starting with – a B&W version of the drive itself. i have a thing for the near-infrared look…

skyline drive bw

my husband, doing what he does best driving… just kidding honey… :)

husband driving

a couple of captures while looking up:


a standard land-and-sky-scape under a glaring, hazing sun:


a couple enjoying the weather in their pickup:

couple chilling

my son, in the few shots i could get him to actually look at the camera instead of pick up rocks:


we had to pull off the side of the road to capture these gorgeous, ghostly, fading ferns with the afternoon light glowing through them; i attempted a sort of orton effect to enhance that impact:

orton ferns

at the same time, our niece stepped out to look for colorful leaves to take back and show her class:

looking for leaves

and finally, a couple of different trees-shots…


i’m working like crazy (when my son allows it, or when i ought to be sleeping, like now) on the web site, so i will definitely try to catch up on the wedding posts as soon as i can, but for now i just wanted to at least get some pictures up there so you know i’m still photographing! more from this weekend, my dad’s 75th birthday, soon…

Saadia’s Wedding

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all of a sudden i have so much photography to post! last week was eid-ul-fitr, the celebration of the end of the holy month of fasting, ramadan; we had a wonderful celebration with family and friends-like-family. and this weekend my husband and i took our son and our niece to shenandoah national park – one of our favorite day trips – and i took the opportunity to practice shooting entirely in manual… for the most part!
BUT, those will have to wait, because i did promise to post next the pictures from saadia’s wedding… which was back in july 2007, at masjid al-rahmah in baltimore.
saadia is a hijabi, so there are very few pictures of her as a bride i would post here! i’ve added just a couple in which you can barely see her face :)… i did experiment with black and white shots here, and tinted, but mostly this wedding was full of gorgeous color, as many desi weddings are, and i hope that comes across here! since there aren’t many bridal/people shots i can share, i’ve chosen to show a few more detail shots than i normally would in a wedding post… so, here they are!!

this is the jhoomar, a very desi piece of jewelry that ornaments the top side of the bride’s head, peeking out from under the heavy dupatta and just draping over the side of the forehead:


here is more of the gold, and then the flower arrangements on the long tables in the masjid’s multi-purpose gym:

gold and flowers

and this was the bride’s stage setup:


vividly clad guests arriving at the masjid:

guests arriving

placement of some jewelry on the bride:

jewelry placement

formal shot of the groom; the bride making duaa (praying) during the ceremony:

groom and bride

desi brides have the best feet on their wedding days!!

bridal feet

and, often, hands too…


finally, this is the “rukhsathi”, or bride’s leavetaking, when everyone walks the new couple out of the wedding to begin their new life together…:


alright, so if i can get my act together, between writing a review of one of the best local bakeries ever, traveling to north carolina for my dad’s 75th birthday and working on my main site, i’ll try to put together a post in the next week or so about at least the shenandoah trip! otherwise, i’ve still got four weddings to post about before i’m all caught up! peace out for now…

Ruba’s Wedding

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my first digital wedding, photographed at martin’s west in baltimore, was an intense learning experience, and the families involved were very patient with me! here are some of my favorite images from the evening – this first is from the formal poses we did in my portable studio, before the actual wedding started:

couple formal

more from the studio formals:

bride formals

some poses outdoors by the sweet gazebo:

outdoor couple

bridal poses by the gazebo:

outdoor bridal

ruba’s lovely bridesmaids outdoors:

outdoor bridesmaids

ornate stage decor:

stage setting

the gorgeous flower settings:


bride’s and groom’s fathers at the mic:


ah, dancing at arab weddings! gotta love it:


cake-slaying, i like to call it:

cake and cutting

and the bride getting settled in her limousine:

bride in limo

that’s all for this wedding! some of these shots, and some others, you’ll find in ruba’s wedding slideshow, once i put it together… next wedding post will be saadia zuberi’s!

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