my son’s obsession…

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…is my lifesaver. as long as he can rugrat around on the floor with his Cars cars, i can get something else done! but really… aside from tigger, disney/pixar’s Cars has been his first real “favorite” that he can’t get enough of – he spots lightning mcqueen from miles away, on shoes or book covers or bags belonging to other people – he kisses their pictures in his “Cars” books, and declares with toddler sweetness that “they are my best friends!”

so, my father-in-law, God bless him, bought these baby-Cars-cars for him as a gift. to be honest, half of them are already lost, but he still loves them and plays with them every day! i’m using this as further exercise in watermarking photos… so, we’ll see how this looks!

stacy & chauncey’s wedding

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and here is the last wedding i shot, in the summer of 2008. chauncey was a professional photographer himself so i was certainly nervous! but the love these two bore each other was plain to see every moment of this beautiful day, and i truly appreciated being a part of their special day.

* editing/updating this post because the old flash gallery player i was using does not seem to work anymore! so i’m putting all the images in here as a standard gallery. sorry about this, if anyone was searching for the pictures and couldn’t find them!

magdy & kawther’s wedding

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so i thought i ought to finally put up some pictures from the two weddings i shot this past summer… both in one weekend in june. magdy was referred to me by a friend, but it turned out i had actually met him once before, way back in the college MSA days, and my husband knew him, too. it was a pleasure and honor to shoot their wedding, held at martin’s west in baltimore. a lot of familiar faces to me at this wedding!

kawther wears hijab, so the only pictures i can share are ones taken after she had already gotten ready for the night!
















a (cold) day at the beach!

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or a weekend, actually… we stayed overnight in ocean city by the graciousness of our host for saturday’s vendor holiday party through my husband’s job. so basically that meant my husband hobnobbed with his colleagues while i chased our son around the hotel… taking pictures of him, of course!
our hotel room on the 15th floor looked partially eastward so i was able to snap some shots of the sunrise, and later on we went out to the city’s near-deserted boardwalk in the bright, biting cold air (“i don’t want to be outside. i want to be inside,” my son said.
everything here is with the 50 mm 1.8, of course (except for the water close-ups; those are from the 70-200 4-5.6 sigma i have)… it’s giving me wonderful practice in shooting in manual exposure mode again, as well as forcing me to be more creative with composition since i can’t zoom in or out. o, how i long for the 28-75 sigma lens i have on my list… oh, and the full-frame 5D that would give me the width i would have loved to have for some of these shots…!
someday, soon…