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generally i’m going to try to keep this blog apolitical… so consider this a post about the making of history, not about my political choices :) but, living close enough to the D.C. area, i thought it would be a travesty if i didn’t make it out to the inauguration ceremony. so after nearly an hour’s wait in the cold at the college park metro station for farecards, a brief reprieve in the metro train, and then more walking in the unforgivingly bitter air, we made it out onto the mall just before the ceremony began, and found our place near the top of the mall, with a decent view of the capitol, just before the guests of honor were announced and led to their seats.
we didn’t stick around for the parade, but here are a few of my favorite shots from the day! these were taken with the 50 mm 1.8 and my 70-200 4-5.6 (sigma) – which is very shaky at full zoom, but still performed serviceably. i am so glad i was there, with my camera, and will always remember this day…

hiking in the catoctins

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had a great weekend with the camera jan. 10-11; on saturday we were marching in washington, d.c., and on sunday – despite the cold – we went for a hike up in thurmont, MD, in catoctin mountain national park. it’s a short hike to chimney rock and one i’ve done three or four times now, but this time – it being a very cold sunday – we saw only one other hiker the whole time we were there. the first part of the hike is steep, and at that level we saw ice thinly coating rocks and fallen tree boles, but once we got to the more level part of the trail, higher up, there was ice everywhere – outlining every tree branch and twig, crunching underfoot in the thick blanket of fallen leaves – and if you stood in silence for just a moment you could hear the tremendous, muted music of creaking, cracking ice everywhere around you, in the high waving treetops and the chill stillness closer to ground. it was SO worth the cold – raheela said it felt like walking to hogsmeade :) – and even musa enjoyed himself (particularly since he was being carried 90 percent of the time!).

so here are some of my favorites from the hike! after this post… YES i’m taking the camera to DC for whatever i can catch of the inaugural crowds on tuesday!! i can’t wait!


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just some recent shots from a visit to my brother’s place. my nephew is two months younger than my son; the two of them are already very close!