warming up!

March 30, 2009 | Filed Under family photos, photography | 1 Comment 

so i had some shots to blog of the snowy weather and never got around to it; now the weather is getting warmer! i’ve been practicing on my ever-present subject, of course; so, before my next wedding, i wanted to share some of the images i’ve been taking of my son and the weather… the “warm weather” playground and lake/geese shots are from centennial park in columbia, maryland – one of my favorite parks when i lived in columbia! and a great opportunity to work on composition and lighting… these shots are also edited using lightroom, which i finally have installed on my computer. the workflow is sooo much smoother now and i can’t wait to use this to process my next wedding… coming up this weekend!

anyway, this image below is the first time i’ve used a texture on an image of my son… just thought the mood of the picture merited it. i’m not big on textures, to be honest, but when they’re done well they’re amazing, so i do like to experiment…

jamil & mahdiyah II

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well, i’ve agonized for about 24 hours now about the best way to present the rest of these wedding pictures in slideshow format, and this is what i’ve managed to come up with for now! still searching for something that will present at the right size, not take you to the slideshow maker’s website when you click on it, and also allow thumbnails, so you can go back to the images you want to see again, but for now, please scroll down, click “play,” sit back and enjoy this slideshow!

jamil & mahdiyah’s wedding I

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ever been to a wedding where the love between the bride and groom shines like a light to warm everyone around them? where the sight of their smiles at each other sparks an involuntary prayer from your heart for their happiness?
i could feel the peace radiating out from jamil and mahdiyah when they were together – the peace of soul-longing finally requited – and along with jamil’s super-sweet daughter, the three of them just fit together perfectly as a family, mashallah (by the will of God).
i have much more to say about this beautiful, heartwarming wedding but i wanted to go ahead and post a handful of my absolute favorite portraits from the earlier part of the day, and in a subsequent post i’ll include a slideshow or selection of more storytelling images from the rest of the wedding.

saad & mahroo part II

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well, not really “part II”, just more shots of “part I”… figured i had enough processed for a second blog post!
here they are:

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