rainy-day family portraits

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i met with some family friends of ours at brookside gardens in wheaton, md, on a recent sunday to take some pictures. the weather had been gorgeous the day before, but by the time we got out to the park late afternoon, it was overcast and just the tiniest bit drizzly. i got there just before them, and when i saw a bride strolling through the park for her own pictures, i was determined to stay and try, too!
our friends’ older daughter is just a little younger than our son, and they seem to be becoming friends, too!

drew & syd II

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finally, here is a slideshow of some of my favorite images from drew & syd’s wedding, which took place on april 4 at the tabard inn in washington, d.c., near dupont circle – on the same day as the cherry blossom festivities downtown! the tabard inn has a long history in the city, and reflects that fact in its mix of old-fashioned and quirky decor – which syd said made it the perfect place for their wedding to take place!
syd was a simply adorable bride, and i loved how relaxed she and drew were as a couple – and how much care syd’s wonderful friends took to make sure the whole day stayed relaxed. family and friends just radiated happiness for the bride and groom all evening long!

springtime with my budding photographer

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i guess every child goes through this imitation phase as a toddler – but i can’t help being thrilled with musa’s interest in holding my old film SLR properly, looking through the viewfinder properly, and taking pictures of everything just like his mama!
just had to share these for now – i’ll be posting more from drew and syd’s wedding very soon! the first post from their wedding is just below.

this last series is one that makes me SO happy: we had been practicing writing the letter “H” a couple of days before; he hasn’t shown much skill with deliberate writing or drawing yet, so i was really just playing around with him. this day, he just sat down in the playroom with his magna-doodle-thing, made this gigantic, lopsided “H” and said, “mama, look! i made an ‘H’!” after that, he erased it and made a smaller one – then “took a picture” of it, since that’s what i was doing!

drew & syd “teaser”

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this weekend, while the rest of the east coast, apparently, was strolling the sunny streets of washington, d.c., photographing windblown, blossom-laden cherry boughs under blue skies, i was photographing beauty of a different sort in the same city: syd bae and drew kennedy, tying the knot on a perfect day in a gorgeously quirky inn up by dupont circle, the tabard inn.
here are just a few images from the first part of this adorable, intimate wedding; i will share more in a slideshow as soon as i can!