sample albums

May 29, 2009 | Filed Under products | 2 Comments 

i’ve been busy! but i finally managed to snap some shots of my new sample albums yesterday at naptime, so i wanted to share them. i have a ZILLION pictures to blog – all personal, from a week spent in raleigh with my parents, and a wedding i went to as a guest there (uhh… with my camera…) – but i wanted to at least get these up!

these first images are of the “Traditional Matted Album” i offer; this is a 20- or 30-sided leatherbound 8X8 album with a cameo window in the cover; this is one of the two options i offer muslim brides who wear hijab and would like to have a wedding album containing images of themselves without hijab. the pictures would be captured and processed by me, then printed at a local, professional lab by women only (i have an arrangement with this excellent lab), picked up by me and hand-mounted into this album, assembled by me in the privacy of my home studio. the images in this sample album are a mix of portraits from wedding, family and individual portrait shoots i have done.

this next series shows the “Wedding Book” i offer; professionally produced at the amazing forbeyon. it’s an 8X8 album with stiff, slightly glossy pages on which the images are printed directly (not photographic prints). the result is classy and enduring, at less cost than a flush mount album but with a similar design style. this cover shows the standard cover material option (black) with a cameo image printed on metal, but there are many other cover options. this sample album showcases the beautiful, loving wedding of jamil and mahdiyah which i shot back in march.

mother’s day portraits at brookside gardens

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we had so much fun the last time at brookside gardens that we decided to do it again on mother’s day, this time with the whole family!
fatimeh’s family are some of my most favorite folks… each person is as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and i hope you can see some of that in the portraits below. one of the memories we wanted to capture is that of four generations of women: grandmother, mother, daughter and grandchildren, in one image. fatimeh’s father is an imam in washington, d.c. – you might see him leading prayer on the sidewalk if you drive down massachusetts ave nw on a friday afternoon – and her mother is a strong, sweet-natured soul with a wealth of knowledge about health and nutrition, among other things! they’ve raised a remarkable family and it was absolutely a pleasure to hang out in the gardens with them on a sunny sunday. thanks to the guys for cooperating with me taking headshots of them in front of pink flowers! :) and for helping out with the flash when i needed it. brookside gardens doesn’t allow lights on stands, but i was able to set up my 430ex II on its mini-stand with the cybersync receiver attached, and it worked out well once i had my exposure set correctly.
here is a selection of my favorite shots from the day! once i get my act together, my next post will showcase some of the new sample albums i’ve gotten in the past couple of weeks – i’m so excited about offering these albums and can’t wait to show you all!