sarah & eddie: crossing continents for love

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sarah and eddie, you guys were just infectious… i can’t stop smiling inside, looking through your pictures! being a romantic myself – AND a huge jane austen fan – i can’t help adoring the fairytale feeling that permeated your wedding. from the “pemberley” table at the reception, to eddie’s dashing south african accent :) and even the way your parents looked at you – everything just breathed happily-ever-after. may you always have the laughter and joy, the passion and affection, that shone between you both on your wedding day. i hope some of that comes through in these pictures! below are some of my favorites, but at the bottom you can watch a slideshow that tells the story a little more fully…

sarah & eddie: teaser

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i have soooo many favorite pictures from sarah and eddie’s wedding that it’s taking me a while to get through them! but i thought i would post just a “teaser” for now – showing some of the fantastic details at the yellow turtle inn in new windsor, md, and a couple of shots of sarah’s beautiful parents (aren’t they adorable together??) – and some others! much, much more where all of this came from! david and linda, sarah and eddie, thank you SO much for the honor of capturing your beautiful day; quite apart from the summery day and the quaint setting, your love for each other and your own generous spirits really are what made this one of my favorite weddings ever! hope you enjoy these for now – i’ll try to get my “favorites” set up as soon as possible!

these are just for you, sarah! :) hope you like them!

baby maryam’s aqeeqa

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for a baby whose existence i only discovered at minus three months (thanks sara!!!), maryam’s appearance into the world sure made me happy! her mom is a good friend of mine from the college park days, and i was so honored and excited to be asked to take pictures of maryam when she was only six days old, the day her family conducted the traditional head-shaving ceremony and held her aqeeqa celebration. (the shaved hair is weighed and its weight in silver is donated to charity… i think!). anyway! so after we shared labor stories – amazing how i never get tired of hearing them and reflecting on my own! – we took some portraits of baby cutie-pie maryam with her hair still on, including some in an outfit her grandmother sewed for her that very morning, and the rest of the images show the actual head-shaving itself. i’ll include a few explanations with some of the images below… sara, thanks so much for the honor and i can’t wait to take more of maryam’s pictures in the coming months! btw, i didn’t get a chance to hold her at all last time – i expect some cuddle time in the future! :)

we started with some portraits using the great big window in maryam’s nursery:

then the arriving family members took some turns holding her while mama got ready:

maryam’s maternal grandmother sewed her this adorable pink shalwar kameez in the morning, just before coming over!

adoring elders looking on:

we took some quick family portraits, too:

after this, maryam was ready for her head-shaving!

her paternal grandfather had the honor of starting it off…

but others, like maryam’s youngest uncle here, had a turn, too:

when it was over, grandma placed the little hat she had sewn for the occasion on the newly-bald head:

this was the only smile i could capture on maryam’s face this day! oh well… next time, more! :)