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so even though the summer season is picking up, i couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet up with some old photography friends for some practice shooting this past week… back in october of 2008, just a few months after i had first joined the most incredible photographic community in the world on flickr, i was able to travel up to frederick to join a bevy of photographers with much more experience (and more batteries, huh, bill?) than me, and had an amazing day trying to learn how to take better pictures of people… ideally, pretty brides in wedding dresses. i learned about reflectors, off-camera flash, composition, focusing and more – and particularly the importance of having back-up batteries, as mine ran out of juice just before the brides got into a stream to “trash the dress” – and made some good friends among a disparate group of people with one thing binding them closely together: geekhood. for cameras. i’m sure you guys are all cool in other respects!
anyway! so… i’ve missed many meetups since then, but found out that the fantastic folks at hopeland studios were putting together a meetup with some real-people models focusing on flow posing, and i thought it could be extremely helpful, as posing for portraits is an area i’ve been looking to work on. plus, as much as parenthood thrills me to the bottom of my heart, i have to admit that the luxury of an evening out, by myself, among other adults, indulging my creative side, was pretty darn tempting…
well, we absolutely lucked out, i must say: a generous and kind hostess, a dedicated and friendly group of photographers, gentle sunshine, clear skies and warm air through the evening, and – our models? two couples – one getting married in two weeks, the other having been married for 20 years – both classy, gorgeous, funny, patient, both absolutely radiating the love they felt for each other… the list goes on. kathlyn, rob, marcie and pedro – i mean, dan – i can’t thank you guys enough for letting us contort you around for hours while keeping smiles plastered on your faces :) it was SUCH a pleasure meeting you all and i truly hope you get as much joy out of our pictures as we did learning to take them properly :)
a note: the off-camera flash shots shown here of the two couples used a hotshoe flash inside a large softbox, triggered by alienbee cybersyncs, which was set up by my friend and sometimes-second-shooter, the amazing rehan bashir, and the photos of kathlyn in her gorgeous wedding dress at the end used a hotshoe flash firing through a shoot-through umbrella, triggered by pocket wizards, set up by bill millios of hopeland studios. me – i’m still working on being able to set up lights properly and get results like these… might be investing in a good softbox in the near future!

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omar and alia: durham wedding photography

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i have so much to blog all of a sudden! and i know i haven’t been doing so well! so i do apologize… but first, i’m truly excited to share some images from omar and alia’s wedding, which took place may 30 at the beautiful millennium hotel in durham.
i’ve said before, i love shooting in the raleigh muslim community, because it’s where i grew up; i actually came to this wedding through an old friend who is now a cake decorator and baker extraordinaire – whose wedding was, incidentally, one of the VERY first i ever shot, years ago! but i also knew the groom’s family from childhood; omar’s sister, reem, was one of my good friends growing up, and i knew her parents pretty well, too, from the local masjid. and i’m pretty sure i have seen alia’s family over the years… years ago!
anyway. whether i remembered them or not, it was an absolute joy to see how truly happy omar and alia were with each other: there is usually something about every wedding that stays with me long after i’ve finished processing the pictures, and what i will always remember from this one are the smiles on each of their faces when they looked at each other. they’d get LOST in the middle of all the music, lights and people – subhanallah! i pray that your marriage always grows in the light of that love, omar and alia, and that God blesses both you and your families.
since alia – and many of the women who attended this wedding – wear hijab, i won’t be sharing many of the pictures from the earlier part of the day, or the women’s section after the men left and they got down and partied! but here are some of the moments i CAN share, including the fantastic groom’s cake alia had made as a surprise for omar, as well as some of the general fun and horsing around that went on as the evening progressed.