farida & fahad – holud

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farida and fahad’s holud – the customary bangladeshi pre-wedding event that refers to the turmeric paste traditionally applied to a bride’s skin – was most memorable for its little details. the single rose fahad offered his bride as she arrived on stage; the homemade sweets farida made with her mother, in the shapes of fish – a traditional bengali food item – as well as the “F’s” of their names in three different language scripts; and the surprise dance the couple had choreographed to perform for their guests at the end of the night. surrounded by love and light, this was the perfect evening to celebrate the beginning of farida and fahad’s wedding journey.

farida & fahad – engagement sessions

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farida and fahad had hoped to have a nice snowy engagement session in the winter, before their early-spring wedding; the morning i set out to meet them at a park five minutes from my house, it was snowing when i left the house and raining when i got to the park. bummer! we got a few pictures in the snow but agreed to meet closer to the wedding and just get some nice sunny images instead. so, in a way it worked out… we got both! here are a few images from both engagement sessions… holud and wedding photos to follow :)

jennifer & abir – reception

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shooting a three-day wedding can be exhausting, but i found on the third day of jenn and abir’s wedding that there was a flip side to that – the experience of having gotten to know the families over the previous two days, and having been witness to the love and joy among them and for the couple. i had such a wonderful time with them, and i hope some of that experience comes through in these photos. thank you SO much, jenn and abir, for letting me into your lives at such an emotional time, for trusting me to capture your memories and welcoming me so kindly!

jennifer & abir – wedding

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jennifer and abir’s wedding day was one to remember, from the “gate” where the bride’s side blocks the groom’s entrance to the wedding hall behind a ceremonial ribbon until he pays up, to the beautiful stage ceremonies of exchanging flower garlands, rings, and sharing a cup of milk, to the lively and colorful dance floor celebration towards the end. jennifer was a classically breathtaking bangladeshi bride – exquisitely ornamented, carried in on a palanquin. but my favorite memories of this day, looking back, are the moments where you can catch a glimpse of abir’s tenderness towards jennifer, and her joy with him. my heart is filled with prayers for these two beautiful people <3 [gallery link="file" size="full" columns="1"]

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