About Me

Hi! This is me, captured by my then-two-and-a-half-year-old after he had begged and begged to take a picture with the camera!

So, I guess that tells you plenty about my life right there: any given morning, like the one this shot was taken, I’m negotiating with small children on a range of battlegrounds. But most of the time, it’s with a smile on my face. I adore staying home with my kids, I don’t for one second miss working full-time for some company, and I am constantly reminding myself what a marvelous blessing it is to be in this position and what an amazing husband I have to support me.

That being said… before I became a mother, I wore many other hats, and some of them I’m trying to fit back on again – like writer, photographer, journalist and artist, to name a few. As an undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill, I majored in English (with minors in chemistry and biology, but nothing came of those), briefly studied photojournalism, but only came to journalism after completing a graduate degree in English literature abroad. I quit my first newspaper job after three years to stay home with my son; I have tremendous respect for the field of journalism and great pride in belonging to it – however tenuously – but my first love is still creative writing, particularly literary fiction and poetry. My art-dabbling has ranged from charcoal and oil paints to medieval calligraphy and manuscript illumination, but these days is limited to mehndi skin decoration, which I do professionally, sometimes for weddings, too.

Other tidbits? I’m a Southerner born and raised, though my family traveled a lot: Canada, England, Spain, Saudi Arabia and five times Pakistan (from whence we hail) before I graduated high school, not to mention various U.S. states. I’m a rabid Celtophile – lived in Scotland for one year and visited Ireland as a grad student; Cape Breton fiddle music sets my heart pounding; and even my wedding ring has Celtic knots in it. I love cooking, and reading about cooking; I have a track record of best successes on first tries, so we try a lot of new dishes at my house. I spent seven years at a Quaker school where I trod most of each warm season barefoot outdoors, even on the gravel pathways. I skipped kindergarten, third, fifth and ninth grades, and repeated fourth just because of switching to that school; I graduated at 15. I’m a speed reader when it comes to escape reading, and favor good swords-and-sorcery fantasy when I can afford to lose the sleep, since I usually finish a good book in one night. I’m a beginner green person – I’m learning more and more about the connectedness of every aspect of this world and our responsibilities as human stewards toward everything in our care. I’m a dreamer; my friends and family work very hard at keeping me down-to-earth and taking up my slack. But I believe nothing in this life that’s truly worth having comes without a struggle of some sort: that’s been the truth of my own life (just try childbirth!).

So, if any of this seems to click with you, please contact me, and let’s talk!