maria & irfan – duke gardens anniversary portraits

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so back in september of 2012 when i shot my BFF maria’s wedding, it was a super rainy day and the bridal portrait session we’d reserved at duke gardens had to be postponed. by their policy we had to return to shoot there within the year or we’d forfeit our permit, so we took the opportunity to visit again when we were both in raleigh, almost a year after the wedding, for an anniversary shoot. here are some of my favorites from that evening! they started out in casual clothes and then changed into their formal walima outfits. thanks again, both of you, for getting dolled up and traipsing around that humid day! much love <3 [gallery link="file" size="full" columns="1"]

baby hadi: seven weeks old

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it was my pleasure to meet with some family friends of ours to take pictures of their precious new baby boy recently at brookside gardens. hadi was seven weeks old at the time of this portrait session; sadly, he and his beautiful family moved halfway across the country just days after our session and we’re missing them tremendously! maryam and asad, thanks so much for asking me to be the one to take these and hopefully it won’t be long before we see you again inshallah!

maria and irfan – engagement photography

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my maria is getting married!!! to this guy!!! this weekend i’a!!

i’d feel lucky enough as any photographer would, having the opportunity to shoot such a stunning and crazy-photogenic couple. but this is my childhood sistafriend, maia-the-bee. i’m not LETTING anyone else take her pictures.

SO excited about the party to come! meanwhile… here they are :) (and yes, my kids are in these pictures, too).

aamina & ibrahim: aqiqa

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sara and i go about ten years back, to when we were both students at college park. we still live close by each other, but after marriage and first kids, have found it harder to keep in touch face-to-face. so it was a crazy surprise when she facebook chatted me one day late last summer (2011) and each of us suddenly found out the other was pregnant – both due in november!
however, sara was actually expecting twins! as twins often do, they came a little early – aamina and ibrahim, welcomed home by their insanely adorable two-year-old sister mariam. by the time the twins’ aqiqah (traditional islamic head-shaving ceremony) was planned for january, i was so excited to have recovered enough from my own childbirth to be able to photograph the event. in fact, the aqiqah was the first night i had taken zayd out of the home to someone’s house for an evening – and he didn’t cry once! at three months, the twins already had such distinct personalities – hope these come through in the pictures!
so – hooray for babies, and for picking up the camera professionally again seven weeks postpartum :)

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