new sample album: flush mount

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hi and welcome to 2011… about a month late! i’ve been taking a bit of a breather, spending time with my family and trying to figure out a plan for my son’s education (kindergarten next year! so hard to believe!). in the meantime, though, i recently received a sample album i’ve been waiting a very long time to finally hold in my hands, because i first started thinking about it early last spring when i was booked for saba and ahad’s wedding, this past summer in new york. desi wedding, gorgeous couple, outdoors in a beautiful venue on a bright summer’s day… i knew it would be smashing, and perfect for the sample flush mount album i wanted to be able to show clients. i designed it as a 10X10, 60-side book, although i also offer this in a 12X12 size with any number of sides under 60. the album absolutely surpassed my expectations: solidly constructed and carefully handbound in cherry-red leather with a vertical metal cameo print embedded in the cover and silver foil imprinting on the spine; printed on archival quality photographic paper meant to endure with true-to-image color… this album is THE best i can offer to preserve your memories of your wedding day for a lifetime. there are a wide variety of cover options of the highest quality, so your wedding album can be truly unique to you. please take a look! you’ll see here images of the cover, spine, binding closed and laying open flat, panoramic spreads, center crease, page texture and thickness, and… of course… at the bottom, a bit of why i had such a challenge trying to actually take these pictures :)

sample album: 12X12 wedding book

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so, while yasmin and tyseer’s wedding is still fresh in everyone’s minds… thought i’d share some images of a new album i’m truly excited about being able to offer. previously, my album companies offered what i call a “wedding book” – a press-printed album on stiff, cardstock-type pages that combines the elegant presentation of a flush-mount with the modern look of an art book, at a great value – only in sizes 8X8, 8X10 or smaller. but i love albums – i love BIG albums – and i particularly love this type because of its class, durability and affordability. well, finally, one of my album companies is able to offer this book in sizes of 10X10 and 12X12, as well as the smaller size i previously made available. so i chose the largest size – 12X12 – on a slightly textured art linen paper to showcase yasmin’s mehndi and shadi pictures. this album is available with 20, 40 or 60 sides – my sample shows 40 – and is available with a variety of paper types as well as cover choices, ranging from plain colored fabrics, floral damasked fabrics (which i chose for my sample), glimmering “mineral” materials, regular, vintage, and premium leathers, and suede farbics in deep, rich shades. i’ve got this sample as well as swatches of all the cover options, so please ask to see these in person when you’re deciding on an album type for your wedding!
without further ado, i present yasmin & tyseer – one more time :)

sample guest book

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a few days ago i got in a sample guest book to show wedding clients who are interested in using their complimentary engagement portrait session to put together a signable, photo guest book for their wedding. the couple here – well, they were already married when i did this shoot :) but i love them and the images so much, i decided to get this sample! it’s a 10X10 hinged book, so the pages lay flat when the book is open, as you can see, and the paper is a thick “art” paper with a very faint texture to it, and a matte coating, so it can be written on and archived.
although the layout and paper style are what you would see in a guest book, the size and binding are what you would also see in a coffee table book, if you decide to go that route for your wedding book! coffee table books come in medium (8×8, 8.5X11) and large (10X10, 12X12, 11X14) sizes and have the same hinged binding, but a more lustrous paper, like a fine art book. and cover options include leather/faux leather, photowrap or canvas photowrap (like this one!) (and in some sizes, a dust jacket option). i was excited to see this myself – the printed color is rich and perfect, and the quality of the paper is tangible. excited to get more of these out to clients!

sample albums

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i’ve been busy! but i finally managed to snap some shots of my new sample albums yesterday at naptime, so i wanted to share them. i have a ZILLION pictures to blog – all personal, from a week spent in raleigh with my parents, and a wedding i went to as a guest there (uhh… with my camera…) – but i wanted to at least get these up!

these first images are of the “Traditional Matted Album” i offer; this is a 20- or 30-sided leatherbound 8X8 album with a cameo window in the cover; this is one of the two options i offer muslim brides who wear hijab and would like to have a wedding album containing images of themselves without hijab. the pictures would be captured and processed by me, then printed at a local, professional lab by women only (i have an arrangement with this excellent lab), picked up by me and hand-mounted into this album, assembled by me in the privacy of my home studio. the images in this sample album are a mix of portraits from wedding, family and individual portrait shoots i have done.

this next series shows the “Wedding Book” i offer; professionally produced at the amazing forbeyon. it’s an 8X8 album with stiff, slightly glossy pages on which the images are printed directly (not photographic prints). the result is classy and enduring, at less cost than a flush mount album but with a similar design style. this cover shows the standard cover material option (black) with a cameo image printed on metal, but there are many other cover options. this sample album showcases the beautiful, loving wedding of jamil and mahdiyah which i shot back in march.