zakiyya & isa – diyanet center wedding photography

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any wedding is ideally the culmination of a series of life steps bringing together two people who are meant to be together… sometimes a wedding works out so beautifully, i kinda feel like *i* was meant to be with two people at their wedding (#ultimatethirdwheel). i didn’t know i was going to be a part of zakiyya and isa’s beautiful sri lankan-american wedding, bringing muslim and hindu families together, at a turkish mosque, until earlier last week – but in the end, every moment there made me feel like that was meant to work out. there was so much love and laughter, so many heartfelt hugs and unplanned moments, and – oh, photographer’s joy! – bluest of skies, golden sunlight, billowing clouds, and the glowing white marble facade and courtyard of the diyanet center of america in lanham, md. best of all was the genuine love and joy of the happy couple, and their families surrounding them. zakiyya and isa, i feel so blessed to have been able to join you guys for your beautiful day, and i wish you both all the best in your new life together <3 thank you, thank you, thank you!

nasheed & chris – dc wedding photography

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it’s been a minute since i blogged, y’all! okay, more like nine months. i hope to catch up with the last couple years of weddings here this summer! i’m starting with my most recent wedding – one of the most memorable i have ever been a part of! i met nasheed first at her brother’s wedding over six years ago in gettsyburg; she contacted me back in 2015 when she and chris began planning their own wedding. between our pre-wedding shoot last fall at theodore roosevelt island, the holud (traditional bangladeshi pre-wedding event) at the josephine butler parks center with portraits at meridian hill park, and the wedding at the national museum of women in the arts with a first look at freedom plaza, portraits at the zero mile marker with views of the white house, at the washington monument and on pennsylvania avenue with views of the capitol building, there are very few DC landmarks that we missed! the theme threaded through the whole weekend, from the “Hamilton” song performed at the holud to the “Hamilton” playbill wedding program; the Washington Nationals’ “racing presidents” mascots at the wedding, the protest signs made especially for wedding day portraits and the vow to “make america great again” in their ceremony itself.
nasheed and chris included many other personal elements that made their wedding weekend unforgettable – the “circle of life” performance at the holud with a *very* unwilling tiny simba; the “parade of babies” to the song “prince ali,” and the “beauty and the beast” look of their reception outfits all paid homage to favorite disney movie references; their ceremony and reception included elements of their diverse heritage – the exchanging of flower garlands is typical of south asian ceremonies, and the breaking of the glass and the horah dance draw from the jewish part of chris’ heritage. but the endless laughs and memorable moments throughout – from special holud skits by friends, to the ceremony reading from the book of mormon (the musical!), the ceremony reference to the hunger games (“may the odds be ever in their favor!”), the light-up concert bracelet favors and the incredible performance into the night by cover band go go gadjet – all of this just comes straight from chris and nasheed, their love for each other and their family and friends, which ultimately made this wedding unforgettable.
cheers, guys, for letting me be a part of all this! and endless praise for katie wannen from the plannery whose impeccable planning and incredible team made all of this go off beautifully without a hitch, as well as for photographer tim riddick for joining me on this adventure. nasheed’s look on the holud and wedding days was managed by swati and reeti of styles by swati and her gorgeous mehndi was done by henna ink by rehma.

taha & sameea – maryland walima photography

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shooting another photographer’s wedding is always a mix of excitement and pressure. the pressure, clearly, because your client actually knows what you’re doing; the excitement, though, because your client tends to know what works and makes it so much easier :) taha and i met years ago when i was just about to start my business, connecting through flickr and then a local photography group. so it was wonderful to hear from him about his wedding last summer and to meet his beautiful bride sameea, and more than the excitement or the pressure, it was truly an honor that he reached out to me to be the photographer for his walima. taha’s family chose one of the loveliest locations in howard county, belmont manor, and we had plenty of time in the late afternoon to traverse its sun-drenched grounds for portrait spots. afterwards, their reception was held in a tent outside the manor house.
thank you again, taha and sameea, for allowing me to be part of your day!

nadia & zain – mehndi and wedding

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when a client plans their wedding with the kind of photos they want in mind, and those kind of photos happen to be the kind i love to shoot… that’s sort of a dream come true for me. and that was nadia’s lovely two-day wedding, both days set at locations and times to give us the ingredients for gorgeous images. we were blessed with stunning weather both days – such blue skies and golden light! – but it was nadia’s smart planning to choose such stunning locations as well: rockfield manor in bel air, maryland, for the mehndi, and deerfield golf club in newark, delware, for the wedding and reception.
i don’t suppose being drop-dead gorgeous and marrying such a tall, debonair brit was actually part of her plan for pretty pictures, but of course, they were the best part :D thank you so much, nadia and zain, for working with me and being patient with me while i made you guys walk around endlessly and stare into bright sunlight and all that. you are such a lovely couple and i pray that you are always blessed and happy together!
it was also my pleasure to work again with videographers ethan and shannen of wise films, who get as giddy about good light as i do :), as well as the lovely and super-talented makeup artist caitlyn meyer.
here are a few highlights from the mehndi and the wedding!

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