naureen & muhammad: teaser

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have much to share – i’m so happy to be back in season, and i could not have asked for a lovelier, sweeter bride than naureen to start off my season with :) just to show how awesome she is, while i’m working on the rest of the pictures i wanted to share this shot we took at – sigh! – centennial park in columbia, one of my favorite waterside haunts, and one of naureen’s favorites, too.

aren’t they smashing?

naureen & muhamed: teaser

December 4, 2010 | Filed Under teaser | 2 Comments 

i have yet to post haris and sanaa’s walima pictures – they are coming up very soon! – but i did want to share one shot from today’s beautifully intimate nikah ceremony in ellicott city – much more to come from naureen and muhamed, but i just loved this one! i don’t know HOW i always end up with the most gorgeous clients imaginable… but i really do, mashallah mashallah mashallah. thanks SO much for everything today naureen!

haris & sanaa: teaser

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…and i do apologize for teasing… but i want to give each of this fantastic couple’s three amazing evenings its proper due in full blog posts. so for now – just one image from each: mehndi, shaadi and walima. much, much, MUCH more to come… i have so much to say, too! so for now i’ll just keep it short: sanaa, haris, hananah, and both of your families: THANK YOU. for everything. i will never forget this weekend.

sabrina’s shoes: maryland wedding photography

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just one image! there’s SO much i have to share, from a mehndi and two weddings this weekend (and absolutely the most AWESOME clients ever – saaida and abdullah, sabrina and matt, you guys were all just fantastic and i feel so blessed to have met and worked with you this weekend!). but i had to show you all sabrina’s amazing shoes! and yes, she wore these with a classic, gorgeous red lehnga. much, much more to come :)


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