Muslim Brides

Hey, Muslim brides-to-be! Assalaamu alaikum, and thanks so much for visiting my site! This page is especially for you… and your families, since they are most likely very involved in what you’re going through right now.

Although I shoot – and absolutely love to shoot – every kind of wedding, I got my start in the Muslim community I grew up in, and one of the main reasons I decided to take this business professionally was that I believe I can offer something special back to that community: professional wedding photography from capture to printing and even albums with complete privacy from male eyes. Being a hijab-wearing, married Muslim woman myself, I understand all the difficulties that go into planning and hosting a wedding while maintaining the privacy of the bride, her family and her guests – I’ve been through it! And because of the level of attention that goes into each image produced by professional photographers, it’s almost impossible to assure the privacy of your pictures unless you go with consumer labs that won’t give your images more than a passing glance, if even that. So you have to choose between low-quality memories of the most important day of your life, or simply forgo any pictures of yourself in full bridal array without a headcovering.

But with Ayesha Ahmad Photography, you have an exceptional opportunity: to obtain professionally produced digital images, prints and albums with the freedom to picture yourself as the beautiful bride you’ve always dreamed of being. All digital images I capture are processed by me in the privacy of my own digital darkroom, and your online proofing gallery can be password-protected; all the images you order for prints or albums will be retouched personally by me and then printed and produced by female-only staff in a local professional lab. And, once all the services for which you contract me are completed, I will permanently delete from my records all images of you captured without your headscarf, so that you don’t have to worry about non-hijabi pictures of yourself floating around “out there.”

For brides interested in including non-hijabi pictures in their albums, I offer two types of albums: semi-flush mount, and traditional matted.

Semi-flush mount albums
are very similar to flush mount albums, except that I do the mounting myself, in the privacy of my home studio, with images printed in a professional lab by female technicians only. Each print, which takes up one whole page, can be designed to include just one or several images, and is mounted permanently flush against the entire page; unlike flush mount albums there is a minimal edge around the page bordering the print inside, with protective corners, and a minimal gutter in the center of each open spread. The albums are bound in matte black leather; they come in two large square sizes only, 10X10 and 12X12, with a choice of 18, 24, 30 or 36 sides, as well as the option of a cameo in the cover, and are presented in a protective, padded black box.

Traditional Matted Albums are also produced by me: these are a smaller, less expensive option, in a more traditional album style: actual 5X7 prints matted on an 8X8 page in a beautiful, leatherbound 8X8 book with a cameo cutout in the cover, presented in a silk-lined box. These come with 20, 30 or 40 sides; a great midrange album for showcasing portraits or significant moments.

Please see the images below for more details on the albums! The column on the left shows details of a traditional matted album, and the column on the right, details of a 10X10 semi-flush mount album.